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  • Lancer Evolution - A Distant Appreciation
    It was 1995. I was still into domestic cars primarily, but I was starting to see the light thanks to a good friend with a modified all wheel drive DSM. He took me for a ride and I was amazed at the excellent all-around performance these cars possessed. After that I started to look a little closer at DSMs and Mitsubishis. I remember reading an article in a magazine about this little beast from Japan. It was called the Lancer Evolution. The car had it all. A powerful turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, all wheel drive, excellent handling and much more. It was a rally car built for the street. How cool! I wanted one in the worst way. But after making lots of phone calls and sending lots of emails it became painfully obvious. There was no way Mitsubishi would ever bring this car to the U.S. for a variety of reasons. You couldn't even get one imported for a reasonable amount.

    What a tease
    During the late 90s more and more press came out on the Evo. Magazines would give them rave reviews when tested. The popularity of the Internet made it possible to find many european sites dedicated to driving and racing the Evo. Video games included the Evo. You could buy Evo scale replicas and r/c cars. What is the hold up? Why am I being teased?

    Glimmer of hope
    It started when I read rumors of Subaru bringing the Impreza WRX to the U.S. I respected Subaru for having the guts to bring this car over to the U.S. It was an excellent vehicle and is the direct competitor to the Lancer Evolution everywhere else in the world. Except the U.S. That's right, the WRX was offered in 2001 uncontested by Mitsubishi. The WRX got rave reviews from the automotive press and has developed a massive following. In fact, I came very close to buying a WRX. I just kept holding out, waiting for an official word that the Evo was definitely coming to the U.S. Patiently waiting...

    I'm not sure where I officially heard it first. I'm sure it was online, I just can't remember where. It was a bittersweet day though. The Evo was coming, but it was losing a few of it's toys on the way over. Parts such as the Active Center Differential and Active Yaw Control were dropped in favor of more affordable replacements. Also, it will have no front mount intercooler. The power will be way down. The rumors were now officially flying. I waited for the first official road test.

    The U.S. Evolution received high praise from all who reviewed it. It turns out that the car did leave the ACD and AYC behind. But it didn't have a negative affect the driving experience. In fact, some writers preferred this version! The good news was that the car didn't leave much else behind. It had the same engine pushing 19.5 pounds of boost, the same suspension, and all of the important ingredients that make this car what it is. My mind was made up.

    Car dealers and Marketing Schemes
    So I head down to my friendly local Mitsubishi dealer to purchase my Evo. The sticker price is $29,987. They want an additional $10k, pushing the price to $39,987. They tell me it's due to the car's exclusivity. I leave. I go back in a couple months. Same cars are on the lot. They now want $34,987. I leave. I start reading about how the Evo is the "star" car in "2 Fast 2 Furious," that Mitsu is a sponsor of this movie and how they hope to attract buyers from this. This is the stupidest marketing partnership. What punk that follows "2 Fast 2 Furious" can afford an Evo? I go back in a couple months. Same cars are on the lot. They now want $32,987.

    Meanwhile I see one TV ad for the Evo. I watch all of the shows that would target their audience perfectly. Meanwhile I see hundreds of Subaru WRX commercials. How about print ads? Again, where is the Evo? Oh, I forgot, they are hung up on "2 Fast 2 Furious" I head back to the friendly local Mitsubishi dealer to purchase my Evo. The price is still $32,987 and the same cars are still on the lot. What is wrong with this picture? So I wait a little longer. Finally the dealer is willing to work off of invoice price and even 'gasp' offer a discount. Excellent! It took almost a year, but I now have my Evo at the price I knew was fair. If any Mitsu folk ever read this, let me just say, the new generation of car buyers don't go for this shit. This isn't a Ferarri. It's a Mitsubishi. Get a clue!

    Behind the wheel
    Luckily, this car is good enough to make me forget about the painful 11 month buying process. In fact, when I get behind the wheel I feel like this car was custom built to fit me. The seats, The quick steering and small wheel, the shifter, everything falls perfectly into place. If I were to design the perfect all-around car, I'd do it like this. Strictly performance, with a nod toward utility, comfort and style. I hope the Evolution and the Subaru WRX/STi prompt other car companies like GM and Ford to make cars like this. Forget focus groups and watering everything down. Create cars similar to this in spirit once in awhile. Maybe you wouldn't have pushed away old domestic fans like me years ago. Until that day comes...Viva la Evo!